^^New Song^^

Dear Blog....

Prasan tak yg i have add a song for you here?? hehehe quite nice isn't it? This song actually from Bruno Mars - Just The Way You're...tah macam mane aku bleyh tersuke dgn lagu nie....maybe sebab dlm lirik banyak menceritakan tentang betape cantik nye wajah kekasih dye...mmg sweet gile kalo dgr even though aku ni lelaki hahaha...btw kat sini secare random nye aku just nak gi taw ko blog yg aku sgt suke tgk wanita senyum/smile...even though dye not pretty but if she have sweet smile there is no reason for me no to like her hahaha..!! poyo je kan??? tapi tu lar bagi aku..."senyuman yang manis" sudah mampu to make my heart "cheezy meltz" haha

So sepanjang aku cuti ni agak byk gak lar movie/drama/show yg aku tengok and aku da jumpe beliau2 yg mempunyai sweet smile heeeee~ antaranye...jeng2..!! (short listed)

Im so Sorry

Dear blog...,

Just want to say sorry to...

 Because i have deceived you and the girls....
It is because i have longed for you and yet you seems to ignored me and evade yourself from me..
And yet makes me realize that i have to let you go

And yet say hello to 
Samsung Wave S8500
My brand new handphone that replace the N85
This handphone quite nice
For your information, the reason why i didn't by Nokia or SE is because
and also this phone is more user friendly then others
So welcome "phone" to mylife!!
Lets us works together as one team....



Nak Jugak...!!!

Hmm jangan salah anggap...aku saje je nk post mende alah nie sbb da tgk ramai kowt yg buat...so aku amek keputusan nk same geli post gak mende ni hahaha..masok ni da lebey 10 orang da aku tgk amek survey nie...cambest je kan?? so here we go!!




I'm Lovin it!!

Your New Profile Picture
With Your Lovely Smile
Just Make My Heart Meltzzzz!!!

Suddenly Thought About This Song


After Seeing Your Smile  :)


The Only Survivor Left....

Dear Blog....

Kali ni aku nak post dlm bahasa melayu boley?? asyik2 english je...bosan....hmmmm so mukadimah nyer skarang...actually, assignment aku da abes...semua da complete....but still waiting for redo...so tak boley lar nak balik lagi...and ade lagi 4 assignment yang on da wat nak direpairkan...so skarang aku amek mase sket utk post something dalam blog nie...and insyallah 11/12/2010 nie aku akan balik ke tanah air dan yang kompem nyer 30/12/2010 kene balik kolej da sebab aktiviti OC da stat....sangat lame kan cuti aku sem nie...2 minggu je hahaha~ opps terpanjang plak mukadimah aku....

So back to da topik...kat sini walaupun terlambat...aku nk ucapkan gudluck and semoge jmpe lagi pade dak2 batch jul-dis 2008 course DAB DIA and DBS yang sudah pn berjaye tamatkan diorang pnye pengajian kat sini...buat pengetahuan ko BLOG....kat kolej aku skarang dak2 batch aku yg tinggal sme dak HND and sikit2 course laen yg kene extend...bile pikir2 balek agak sedeyh lar bile teringat sebelum nie ramai je dak2 batch kitorang kat kolej tuh...and sem depan da takde da...so takde lar kitorang nk maen futsal bersame lepak besame tegor2 sme tu da takde....

Yang paling sedeyh nye 3-4 ari lepas time aku pegi kolej...ramai je yang da packing including dak2 yang dok asrama utk bercuti semester...tapi kami dak2 HND still kat sini utk get ready for redo...and time tu gak ar nampak dak2 batch aku yg jmpe buat kali terakhir before mereke go on for LI (latihan industri) then teros grad lepas tu...

Sori ar post aku kali ni nampak ter emo lebey...bukan ape...cam sebelum nie meriah gak ar kolej...kalo jmpe dak2 course laen tegor2...then kalo dikire geng2 futsal kebanyakkannye sme da blah...so sem depan kitorang dak2 HND ni da takde geng da nk maen futsal...bukan takat tu je...buat pengetahuan ko wahai BLOG, rumah 59 agak baek dengan geng2 budak rumah BOB ALI (amboi) and dlo kitorang slalo lar gi becuti same2 gabungan 2 rumah contoh nyer cam awl sem ni...kitorang ke Jeram Toi...mandi air terjon...tu sumpah aku ckp mmg best gile....dapat spend time ramai2...so bile pikir2 balik.. kat situ aku da hilang da 2 geng2 utk berhappy2.....and bukan aku nk kate ngan dak2 uma aku kalo pegi tak happy...but dari segi number of people...bak kate orang lagi ramai lagi best betol tak...tambah plak yang ade tu mmg rapat...contoh nyer dak2 uma bob and the geng.....kalo futsal plak...aku tak taw lar sem depan nk maen ngan geng mane...sebab biase nye dlm mase 2 jam tu koman2 ade 4 team dlm satu padang...sape yang maen tu taw lar betape bestnyer kalo maen ramai2....



Dear blog....

For your information, i write this post right after i have lil bit conversation with her in the phone...by the way the reason y i write this post is to say thank you again for spending lil bit of your time for listening to my problem until both of us ran out of prepaid...even though the conversation still lil bit maen2 and not too serious about the topic but actually i feel lil bit relieve, at least one of the person i trust the most listening and giving some advices to me....

Actually, in that conversation...i try to make up for both of us but hahaha you totally rejecting it...dammit...haha for you of course it is easy to forget the past right?? but for me like i always told you even though in the tone of maen2 but still im being serious all the time...it is actually hard for me....but until now i'll try kayh to forget the past.... sorry for the rush hahaha~

So blog...right know i already got someone on my mind....and for your information its been 6 month now that she manage get into my mind as time goes by the feelin become more and more stronger(for ur information its not BELIAU kayh it juz became a memory)....and you not gonna believe it...for the first time ever in my life i've told someone about it hahaha maybe i trust him thats y i told him...so SYUKRI its between both of us only kayh for wat i told you earlier in the morning haha about the second thingin...so BLOG i hope you pray for me that i can get her kayh...rite now im being serious bout it....cause i really2 need to forget bout the past...like what she said to me just now...let pass be pass...so all i got to do is workin up a little bit for it...so pray for me ya BLOG??!! really need it...

in the end i would like to thanks DAYANA for the advice u gave to me earlier and dont worry, i try to move on like you say...past is past rite?? hahaha~

and also SYUK!!! igt rahsia kita hahaha SHHHH~

Can you feel my heartbeat??!!!

Dear blog...

Yesterday morning i went to the college with my classmate Rain to ask sumthing about our assignment "Computer Platform" we took quite long time to see our lecturer because she was busy with the final exam....

After shes back.....we both ask many question to her regarding the assignment...as time goes, more and more people come to the department...some of them come for subject tracking and some of them come for assignment purposes....

Actually before we go to the college, i already feel that sumthing might happen that day...and as i expected, while havin chat with the lecturer, suddenly someone i adore so much come in...yes of course...it none other than HER...yes again...its her...at that time my heart suddenly beating like crazy but i try to cover it up by jokin with the lecturer.....

This post i think if she read it...i know she will know that it is her...MAYBE...hahaha..!!

Thats all for today....sometime when i read my own blog it looks like this blog is only meant to post things about something happen to me related to HER....aiyooooo!! i dont care lah....this IS MY BLOG rite....!!


Dear blog....

As i write the post down there....i take this opportunity to write a post kinda related with her....as time goes by so many things i heard about you from my friends...its not the good things...but bad things about you...Its not like i ask them to stalk you or watever..but the new just came in rapidly...as you can see i trust my friends especially my housemate 59's of whatever they told me....but if it is about YOU i try not to believe it and if it true there must be a reason behind that....even though you can see that I'm overreacted about this although nothing happen between us ....but it doesn't bother me because...i dunno...ermm you manage to make me dream about you several times and give me some hope to begin new life so that i can forget the past....hmmm

That's all i wanna say in this post and i hope she read and know that this post and other 2 posts is about her.......annyeong..!!

Dream again 2....

Dear blog.....

Congratulation....you manage to appear in my dream again last night....hmm this time in different situation....still you with the other guy and both of you just like mocking me by taking picture with me..without even talk to me....but still she manage to appear in my dream again last night...what does it mean??? somebody help me...this is the second time in 4 days duration...is it because i miss her?? but2...never talk to her or text her since that day....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~

Penemuan Pelik lagi

Dear Blog....

Today as i was sightseeing at the facebook suddenly i found something amusing posted by my friend.....and from that i want to share with you guys....

Have you ever go to http://www.maps.google.com???

So here i want you guys to do....

  1. Go to http://www.maps.google.com
  2. Click Get Direction
  3. Type Taiwan as start location
  4. and Japan as End Location
  5. Then click Get Direction
  6. Kindly look at step 24
  7. Haha nice isn't it???

  1. Repeat Step 1 till 5 (start with China n End with Japan)
  2. Kindly look at step 42
  3. Haha nice again rite???

Thats all for today...try search for more amusing direction from google maps hahaha

Cr. Tetsuya & Google Maps

Dream again...

Dear Blog....

Yesterday + This early morning finally i manage to complete DAD assignment safely and proudly hehe...but thats not the point of this topic...actually what i just wanna say is that, this morning when i finally can sleep...i have this dream...and someone appear on it...and you would not believe it...its HER(beliau) again...after long period of time she did not appear in my dream and there she is this morning...but sadly she appear with someone else...hehe dunno why i dream about her again.....like old folks says...dreams is the devils game?? haha but seriously this dream got me right on the head and make me kinda blank when woke up....Y,Why~


So Sorry My Friend

Dear blog...

The reason i make this post today is to officially apologies to my dearest friend SALLY i know that our joke was actually too much...so here i would like to say "Mianhe" "Gomennasai" my friend.

Don't worry from now on I'll be more and extra careful with words and I'll not make any more silly joke kay friend ^^

That's all !!!

Cerita Pulang Ke Tanah Air 2

Hye guys.....

ermm sori sbb tak update....bukan malas but tak larat....bley plak ngah happy2 dapat balik...tetibe demam huh...mmg tak best....

So aritu aku cerita smpai mane ek....ermmm gi tengok kucing besar rimau kan....ermm btw aku tak dpt pn tgk...sbb time aku pegi tu orang tu da simpan...dpt tgk anak dye je bak kater member aku...kecewa kat situ....

Then kitorang pn blah camtuh je gi plak beli tiket aku nak balik....yang lagi best nyer...bas yg aku nk sme da abes huh....mmg balik kali nie takde luck...sme tak menjadi je....so daripade ley turon kat kajang...tepakse turon kat pekeliling....huh jaoh2..!!!

Mende tak best nie still continue even aku dah nak balek sane....bas buat problem....bayangkan baru keluar dari platform da behenti...alasannye ader pakcik nak buang air..so terbantut lar perjalanan kitorang and brader sblh aku da bising2 lambat....so biler da settle bas aku pn behenti lagi kat petrol station near UMP adoi....dalam hati aku ckp "isi minyak plak dah" and dengan kesempatan ni....ramai penumpang turon utk shopping makanan and buang air wat so ever (temasok aku ^^) agak lame gak ar...dah abes isi minyak pn still ade makhluk tak naek bas lg....huh menyirap jer....then mcm biase semua bas akan behenti after 1-2 hours perjalanan...and bas aku decide behenti kat Lanchang...kat situ takde pape lar....yang best gile barbies nyer....dah sampai KL dah kowt...still ade lar brader?(tak pasti jantina) mintak drive behenti kat petrol station sbb nk buang air...bley plak....dah lar time tu da maghrib..menyirap je aku jalan kat kl da lar tgh jem....lagi menyirap....lepas pade tu bas aku pn troskan pejalanan ke pekililing and dlm on da way gi sane ade perkare burok berlaku....sedap2 bas aku amek LAP...tetibe kat dlm bas tu hujan beg...beg yg kitorang letak kat atas kepale tu jatuh....termasok LAPTOP AKU!!!!! seb baek lar tak rosak...huh nk menanges aku atas bas tuh...tahan je...!! BTW lupe nak gi taw...bas yang aku amek nie adalah bas

So bile da smpai aku pn amek lar lrt menuju ke bandar tasik selatan...agak jaoh gak perjalanan....bile da smpai....aku kene plak amek KTM utk ke kajang...yang nie yang saket nyer....lepas aku turon dari lrt cepat2 aku call dak umah aku MIE mintak tolong amek aku kat KTM Kajang...bile aku da bli tiket sme..train pn smpai...cam senang ati ar...takde lar bad luck sgt...tapi senang ati tu tak lame ar...tgk2 train penoh cam sardin....bapak ar...belari2 aku nak naek...tapi tak dpt...so terlepas lar kat situ...sejam gak ar...nk tunggu next train....waddahell kan....tension aku...sblm next train aku smpai...2-3 biji gak ar train dari opposite lalu...lagi waddahell menyirap aku.....

So bile da smpai kajang aku pn balek ar...and sebab kesian kat member aku tu da tunggu sejam...aku blanje lar dye KFC jom jimat haha jimat sket...memandangkan aku takde duit...then slamat lar smpai kat uma...and for your information...smpai je sini...demam aku maken terok...till today...still tak baek lagi T_T ahhhdoi assignment byk nak kene buat nie...doakan aku baek cepat kayh.....chiaaawww!!

p/s: pengajarannye...jangan balek dalam keadaan kelam kabut mcm aku...kompem ade mende tak kene T_T

Cerita Pulang Ke Tanah Air

Ehem dear blog.....

Alhamdulillah setelah dekat 3 bulan aku tak balek umah....dpt gak akhirnye balik bercuti kat uma....itu pn decide last minute....seb baek lar ader tiket huhuhu....ermm sbnrnye ape yg aku nk g taw nie adalah story sepanjang perjalanan aku balik hingga lar da ade kat kuantan nie...ehem2....nk start nie....

Around kol 12 lebey dengan baek hatinye...DM antar aku gi KTM Kajang sbb bas aku kat bukit jalil (sangat malas nk naek KTM) berat gak ar hati nk balik sbb perlu naek KTM n LRT...then da beli tiket....ngah sedap2 jalan utk tunggu train tetibe nmpak kalibat kawan sekolej hahaha....rupe2nye orang tua LAH bersama Cicoi? and sorang wanita....rupe2nye awek dye hehehehe kantoi...!!!! lepas jmpe sorang...jmpe lagi sorang...IQ plak...memule igtkan dier datang sorang2....rupe2nye...ngan awek gak....huhu aku gak yg sorang....huh...biler lar nk ade awek nie....

Tapi yang rase x bestnyer biler train da smpai......adoi ramai nyer berhimpit2....masok2 je baru aku sedar...dalam 'gerabak' tu ader 2 orang laki je termasok aku...huh mmg betol lar makin dekat da kiamat...bayangkan....2 laki...yang laen perempuan....penuh plak tuh...eiii~ biler nak betobat nie.....

Then terperuk lar aku kat bukit jalil tu selame 1 jam lebeyh....hihi tu lar sape suroh datang awal sgt (act. sbb first time naek kat situ) then slamat lar aku naek bas....and selamat smpai...and my dad fetch me up with his new car hehehe first time naek kete baru my dad...tapi tak sempat nk bawak pown...esk dye nak anta my mom ke KL so tak sempat nk bawak lari kereta tu sbb ahad nk balek wuuuu~~

Haa berbalik pade topik ni....baru tadi me and my family exclude my brother pergi dinner kat Black Canyon ECM....hehe makan lar aku kat situ smpai kenyang gile2....then my sis blanje BR(Baskin Robin) dengar belanje tu best da....but in the end...aku makan sikit je...sbb dye pegi amek flavor of the month (gingerbread) ouhhh sangat lar mengiiiyeekkkan~ camne lar my sis bley makan smpai abes...uwekkk~ then on the way nk balek....boley plak terserempak dgn BRIAN and his new GF i think hehehe weeewiiitt hot stuff haha sesuai ar ngan brian....actually i noe some of his gang going to kuantan but i didnt expect him to be there also hahaha and lagi skali membuatkan aku terpikir...bile lar aku nk dapat awek nie...ishk3...!!

Sampai sini je kowt kau nk bercerita hahaha utk hari esk da pn terplan aktiviti nyer...first gi amek tiket dlo utk balek ke Beranang then member aku ajak pegi tgk kucing besar harimau katenyer hahaha banyak betol lar binatang pelik yg diorang nk perkenalkan...aritu ikan arapaima gergasi....ni kucing besar harimau plak...tak taw lar betol ke tidak...kalaw tak mmg aku pukul dedua ekor tu kat situ gak hehehe~ till then....kalo rajin esk aku update lagi kayh....


Going Home....

Yay finally got the chance to going back home...!!! after several month...finally can rest at home...!!!

P/S: pray for my safety ya guys...!!

Kelas....oh Kelas.....

Dear blogger....
Arini tetibe aku nk tulis pasal kelas...ade ape ngan kelas?? memandangkan bar list utk sem ni da keluar so....ramai lar student2 yang da stat malas2 g kelas....g kelas lambat...dan feel tu pn dah berjangkit kat aku....mmg rase malas tu mmg ade tak taw kenape....even assignment da banyak berkumpul tapi malas tu still ade...but aku kuatkan diri utk still pegi kelas sbb aku pikir walawpon miss satu kelas....byk mende yg aku akan miss...and aku rase rugi kalaw x pegi kelass....

Ishkk mende ni buatkan aku teringat kat zaman skolah dlo....kalaw ade je rase malas sket nak pegi skolah...mule lar pagi2 tu buat2 saket perot...pening kepale...then mintak ubat kat parent...and DONE!!! terlepas utk PONTENG skolah....

SMK Sultan Abu Bakar

Kalaw time skolah dlo....PONTENG tu jadi satu kebiasaan...and tak rase rugi pape pown...even rase cambest pown ade....tak rase pown kalaw tak pegi rugi...hahaha~

Tapi biler zaman skolah dah habes...masok plak zaman kolej or university....feeling tu dah takde lagi...malahan biler tak pegi kelas tu...rase cam rugi gile and biler keesokan hari nyer pegi kelas...mule lar blurr je biler lecturer mengajar hehe....

Biler aku pikir2 balek...mmg patot sme org rase cam nie (or aku sorang je) sbb bile kite da tinggalkan zaman skolah....kite akan jadi lebey matang dan kite akan rase ilmu tu sgt penting utk diri kite sendiri...

Erkk smpai situ je kowt...aduyai....buruk giler closing post aku kali nie hahaha..!! but waddahell...ske ati aku lar...blog aku..!! hahaha..!!


p/s: aku rindu gile nak ponteng kelas cam ponteng skolah dlo...!!!


 1. Setiap hari Jumaat, pack segala barang anda dan bagitau kat roommate anda nak balik kampung. Selepas sejam, balik ke bilik & terangkan bhw takde org kat rumah. Unpack segala brg anda & pegi tidor.

2. Setiap kali roommate anda balik, jerit sekuat hati” horee…kau dah balik”. Lepas tu menari dlm 5 minit. Lepas tu, tenung jam lama2 dan tanya dia “Sepatutnya kau dah blah dah skrg”

3. Buat2 terjaga pd tengah malam, jerit kuat2 ” Tolong, kat mana aku berada ni?” dan lari keliling bilik tu. Kalau bilik kecil, cukuplah sekadar melompat 2-3 kali. Kemudian, sambung tidor. Esoknya, kalo dia tanya, pura2 tak tahu apa yg dia cakap.

4. Ambil marker, buat bulatan kecil kat lengan anda. Besarkan bulatan tu setiap hari sambil berkata “Dah merebak… dah merebak!”

5. Beli pepokok bonsai. Bercakap & tidor dengan pokok tu setiap hari. Selepas seminggu, bertengkar dgn pokok tu dan cakap “Aku tak boleh hidup sebilik dengan kau lagi” sambil keluar & menghempaskan pintu bilik dgn kuat…Buang pokok tu tapi biarkan pasu kat situ.

6. Beli pisau banyak-banyak. Tajamkan setiap malam sambil merenung roommate anda sambil berkata “Tak lama lagi…tak lama lagi…”

7. Duduk didepan papan chess dua-tiga jam tanpa buat apa2 atau cakap apa2. Lepas tu bangun secara tiba2 sambil berkata, “Siot betul, kalah lagi”

8. Setiap kali roommate balik, tutup lampu dan tidor. lepas dia keluar, bangun dan menjerit dgn kuat “Horee…!”. bukak lampu semula.

9. Pakai topi kertas. Bila dia balik, cakap “Selamat Datang ke McDonald. Boleh saya ambil pesanan anda…” Lepas tu buat muka bodoh, sambil berkata “Eh, kau rupanya…”

10. Kata kat roommate “Ada pesanan penting untuk kau”. Lepas tu buat2 pengsan. Lepas 2-3 jam, bangun dan cakap yagn anda dah lupa pesanan tu. Kemudian, cakap “Eh…aku dah ingat”. Lepas tu pengsan balik.

11. Bila roommate anda balik, berpura2 tengah telefon. Caci maki dan menjerit dengan kuat kat telefon tu. Lepas tu letak telefon dan cakap kat roommate bhw yg telefon tadi adalah mak dia. Cakap mak dia akan telefon balik.

12. Kalau roommate suka gosok gigi kat sinki, perhatikan sampai habis. Lepas dia habis, cakap dengan dia bhw anda kena ajar dia cara mengosok gigi dengan betul.

13. Edarkan risalah ke kawasan kedai/rumah kedai berdekatan rumah/kampus. Dalam risalah tu, nyatakan bahawa roommate anda hilang. Letak sekali gambar dia dlm risalah tu. Tawarkan hadiah kepada sesiapa yg menjumpai roommate anda.

14. Bila roommate anda tutup lampu pd sebelah malam, nyanyi lagu opera sekuat hati. Bila dia buka balik lampu, buat2 muka bodoh dan confused.

15. Duduk & renung roommate dlm 2-3 jam. Kalau boleh, bawa member2 sekali sambil makan kacang & popcorn. Buat macam tengah tengok wayang.

16. Masa roommate tiada, ambil deodoran dan sapukan pada seluruh dinding bilik. Bila dia balik, puji bahawa bilik berbau wangi. Lakukan selalu sampai deodoran tu habis.

17. Kalau roommate ada binatang peliharaan, spt kucing, offer utk beri makan kpd binatang tsbt. Cepat2 keluarkan botol gam atau minyak rambut sebelum dia beri persetujuan kpd kau.

18. Pegang & gosok-gosok rambut roommate anda sambil berkata “Rambut kau hitam, lurus dan berkilat la…Macam teknik rebonding…”. Sekali-sekala buat masa dia tengah tidur.

19. Mase roommate tido, bungkus dia macam kafan mayat (siap ikat), pastu panggil member dlm 10 bace yasin ramai2. bile rumet jage pakat2 buat x nmpk ape2.

20. Sebelum roommate balik dari kelas, bungkus diri sendiri macam kafan (siap ikat jugak) pastu baring senyap-senyap atas katil dia. Mesti dia terkujat sampai pengsan bila masuk bilik tengok2 ada mayat.

p/s: aku sgt suke artikel nie especially yg pasal pisau tuh hahaha~


Dear blog.....

Yesterday wuz hell yet a fun day...!! after back from "Spelling Bee" my housemate ask me to join fer bowling at metro point which he say around this period of time it is cheap which is RM14 for 3 games, afta hearing that i agreed to tag along with him.....which make it total 11 people ....me, syuk, lan, feez, roy, azri, mie, kimo, ajue, sheqa and bame...quite alot of ppl rite there....and from 3 games we extend it to 5 games which is 2 games after that only me, lan, syuk and kimo only compete to see whos the best haha and believe me....its not me hahaha..!!

After back from bowling...without rest i straightly go to the futsal and it was damn guwd coz its been long time since i exercising myself. And i injured myself that day...its quite pain but i gotta man up to continue playing and around 2am i got back home.....

Actually yesterday....i feel sumthing...sumthing weird going on in me....dunno wat it is....but this feeling keep growing bigger and bigger from time to time....not quite sure what is it anyway...but the feel seem stronger i hangin out with my frend yesterday....hope it will gone soon....


Hey all....long time no see hehehe hmmm do ya guys noe what dugeun dugeun means?? its means like thump (berdebar-debar) in korean...hehehehe~

By the way....wat makes me feel dugeun2 is that just now on my way to the cafe with one of my housemate....at a distance i saw her which makes me excited and totally nervous....dunno why i feel like that again and again whenever i saw her....please me make it go away....!!!

But shes totally lookin good today ^_^

haha thats all i wanna share with ya guys after this got to attend Spelling B? event then this evening i plan to go fer bowling with my frends....if got sumthing interesting happen i'll post it here kayh guys..!!! annyeong.!!!


Hey guys...eh pelik kan...tetibe rajen plak post kat blog nie hahaa....
actually got nothing to do so here i am again....

So back to the topic...like y'all noe that this semester i volunteer for orientation committee so as the next semester...like wat i post before...this semester i've been given responsible on food for the OC and freshies...that position for me is quite hard because its involving the entire people who involve in the orientation....1 mistake can affect all..but thank GOD everything went smoothly with the help of senior OC especially my leader LAN.....

And so for this semester...i've been given more tough position and that is leader for equipment bureau (biro peralatan) at first i thought that food bureau is the toughest one...but this bureau actually one of the highly risking bureau....that is because...i have to handle and fulfilled all the equipment needed by each bureau and also i must provide all the facilities for all lectures along the orientation week....as wat i heard from senior members...previous leader of this bureau have tough time to fulfilled all the needs request by others...especially during Closing Ceremony....hearing that already make me feel goosebumps.....

So here i hope that y'all (bloggers) can pray for me that i can perform well....as well as i can lead my subordinates so that all the needs can be fulfilled and this orientation week can run smoothly....GOD please give me strength..!!

MAKA day....again..!!

Hey guys...for sure if u'all yg baru visit my blog mesti terpikir and tertanye waddahell is MAKA day rite...but for whom that visited or maybe kipas susah mati blog aku ni akan taw waddahell is that because this is the second time i post something with the same title....btw for those whom didn't noe MAKA day actually iz "Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik" which in other word same like Dekan i think...

For u guys which is first time readin my blog...actually this is the second time i got to go to this event, btw thank GOD and oso my family and friend for this award...without you guys i cant be there last Thursday Night.... and for your info i got 4 award....compare to last time only 2...and the best thing is...of coz THE MONEY
4 award = RM90....YA for student of coz its like heaven or in other words "Collapse Durian" haha...tambah pulak time tu ngah gawat...so it is a big amount for me ^_^

So thats all i wanna share with u guys...here provide u guys with some picture at that day.....ENJOY!!!


Thank You!!

All i wanna say is thank you for yesterday..thanks for listening to the problem i had...even it just a small matter but for me it is the best thing ever happen and also its a relief that finally you decide to open your heart even a little to me...i hope we can keep this up ^_^

Thanks Y'all!!

I got nothing...

Hmm last night i've been thinkin a lot while im on my way back from sunway pyramid...

the things that....yesterday i just realize that me myself got no talent in anything...i mean in many aspect...sports..music..skills or wat so ever...for me i think i have lil bit only from all of that such as
playing guitar = beginner...sports = not so pro...technical = not so pro also....so waddahell im good at??? aiyuuu!!

hope someday i can have sumthing that im good at and have the passion to do it..!! jaeballl!!!


Hai all haha sorry sbb da lame tak update...janji nk update blog ni tapi x update2....tak taw lar rase cam malas jer...takde byk nk share ngan u'all but arineyh tetibe je rase nk share sumthing kan...hehehe

by the way...to day as one of the orientation committee member...aku kene pegi 1 program and that is "Mara Got Idea". actually i don't have any idea what is this all about and i just follow along others to see waddahell is this program actually...

This program actually grant us with "Class Free Pass" for a day which means we've been given an "excuse" to not attend class for the whole day..!! ~damn good~ and also free FOODs~ haha..!!

Actually this program is like how we say this...just like other program that put us together to make sumthing and learn from it in a group that kind of things....it's kinda like motivational program in interactive kind of way haha...

This program kinda rAWk but its to short compare to the program i had attend before...i bet this program will rock the hell out of us if it can be drag off to 2 or 3 days...

by the way back to da topic...this program consist of us members and member wannabees of the orientation committee and some other volunteer students...

when we say volunteer of course anyone can join in rite?? actually from yesterday i have a bad feeling bout this program...and wat i've been thinkin comes true...the "person" that i adore so much a long time ago (not too long) also there joining the program...at first i try to gather my self up not to think much bout it...but it is not easy as i think....its kinda hard at first because a lot of things has happen before...finally i can overcome it and juz do my own thing with my group....

but still i can't get her off my eyes of coz...its maybe because it was such a long time didn't see her around and from far she manage to make me smile with her smile that i think...the BEST smile a person can have....but waddaheck...its all in the past rite?? haha live must goes on..!!

All i gotta say is...glad that i attend this program...!! yeaaaahh~


Hehehe saje je...igt nak tulis what happen today...but...too tired to do so...

hurmm so maybe tomorrow i'll post what actually happen today kayh??? hehehe..>!!


Very hard for me.....

Hmmmm i might see like fine...but fucking not...dunno how to say this...maybe some will say "ahh poyo lar kaw"..."baru sikit dah mcm nie" but wat da heck...it me myself...not you guys....

Today i think its the biggest impact that hit me.....hmmm i'll not say it here, just let me keep it to myself....too many impact...too many that i can handle....the more i try to forget...the more i comes back...please GOD...!!

Is this what they called KARMA....i noe i've done many bad things back in the days....and its finally come back....or shud i say wat goes around comes around??? hmmmmm....!!

Please help me to overcome this.....only me...myself noe how suck this shit taste......


Now i Know....

Knowing earlier is much better than wondering till the end..

Yeah...finally i know sumthing....sumthing that can make me realise that not everything goes as you like...and from this also i learn that it is ok to sometimes givin up...because from that you will learn to do much better than before.... "Me!! Myself!! and I!!!" its ok... ^_^ .....HWAITING...!!!!!

Aizat - Erti Hari Ini


Download mp3:
Aizat - Erti Hari Ini.mp3

Hijau Daun - Suara Ku Berharap

di sini aku masih sendiri
merenungi hari-hari sepi
aku tanpamu, masih tanpamu

bila esok hari datang lagi
ku coba hadapi semua ini
meski tanpamu oooh meski tanpamu

bila aku dapat bintang yang berpijar
mentari yang tenang bersamaku disini
ku dapat tertawa menangis merenung
di tempat ini aku bertahan

suara dengarkanlah aku
apa kabarnya pujaan hatiku
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya

suara dengarkanlah aku
apakah aku slalu dihatinya
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya
kalau ku masih tetap disini
ku lewati semua yang terjadi
aku menunggumu, aku menunggu

suara dengarkanlah aku
apa kabarnya pujaan hatiku
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya

suara dengarkanlah aku
apakah aku ada dihatinya
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya

repeat reff

suara dengarkanlah aku

Download mp3:
Hijau Daun - Suara Ku Berharap

Tonight is like a war...!!

wrong step...boleyh mati wooooo

Feeling Down.....T_T

Hmm dunno wat got into me...but this nite too many things happen.....too many shocking things hehe...dunno if shud i feel gud or bad...bad i think hahaha..!! terlaughing plak...ermm dunno lar...skarang ni.....ni je yg aku dpt gi taw.. hehehe~ sori lar useless post...but wad da heck...this is my blog...skati aku lar nk tulis pe yg aku rase betol tak??? hehehe till then... T_T annyeong...!!

ThAnkS 4 Da AdVice... ^_^

Advice is good to lead you to the right path...
Hurmm just wanna thanks to some of 59's for their gud advices...!! really appreciate them....now i can peacefully sleep, eat n shower... hahaha..!! i'll try to use all the advices given to me... ^^

Again n again....

Dreamin Again n Again n Again n Again...

Hye all ni baru je bangon tdooo...!! hehe..!!

xtaw nk ckp pe just pelik lar...masok nie da 4 ari mimpi mende yg same....ape yg aku mimpi tu hmm secret....tapi sepatotnye aku da boleyh happy sket sbb mende nie da dpt clear smalam but still...td baru je sedar dr mimpi tuh...actually mimpi laen2 but main dye adlah menuju pade eheemmm....

adeyh ape perlu aku buat nie...x pena rase camneyh lagi......hmmm i nid to do sumthing about it...kalo x...saket..!!! aduh....wat to do..!! helppp!!! jalan da ader...cme tak taw..the road can be taken or not...the consequences is to high if i take that road..!!

please god help me..!!

Event Mengejot..!

Yea arini lagi skali geng2 OC skali lagi mengadekan event....but kali ni kitorang ke sg tekala plak...hehe memule event ni berjalan seperti biase...mandi2 happy2 then tetibe...safuan a.k.a oc an tetibe je panggil, aku, k.zatil, syifa, dayah n kim....muke dye pn cam serius jer.....then da panggil2 tgk2 muke sally plak nk nanges...risaw gak kitorang dibuatnyer....ingatkan pehal tetibe nanges tak pepasal...sbb sblm tu ade salah faham sket happen so agak risaw gak ar then tak pepasal....


Tepung berterbangan dari setiap arah.....Cisssss!!! Hidden Camera rupnyee..!! kurang asam terkene aku....rupe2nye diorang nk celebrate birthday kitorang........bapak ar....x cukop ngan tepong...tambah plak 2 kek..plus...lagu....aduyaiii..!!! aku mcm biase ar...bukan bley dgr2 camneyh.....nanges gak ar sket2....(sket2 je eh)....

Ingatkan cukup sekadar tepung+kek+song....ader plak hadiah....aku pn berkate "oh my god!!!" hati pn da tak sedap hahaha..!!! so go on dgn hadiah....memule kad cam biase lar......then ade plak satu lagi..."kotak misteri" plak kuar.... and aku diarahkan utk bukak and dlm tu ader satu mini plushies saying Happy Birthday and some written paper yg meragukan...and Sally (kepale semua ni) suroh aku bace setiap helai kertas bertulis tuh....cam maen charade...satu2 dye bukak...aku pn bace lar....maken lamer content dye makin meragukan disbbkan ader keluar perkataan "angau" and "beliau"....stat dari tu aku tak sedap ati but still aku bace jer...

Then second last paper saying "EXCITED???" huh mmg berdebar...byk mende playing in my head at that time...(of coz lar related to "beliau") then tgk2 perkataan "HERM" yg besar bersame name beliau and nombor beliau....perghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Terkejot BROOOOK!! aku berderau darah jap2...!!! bersame tangisan akibat tekejot+happy..... mase tu mmg speechless giler ar...ni mmg surprise paling DAEBAK dalam hidop aku lar....

btw kat sini aku nk ucapkan thanks pade semua oc dan ahli 59 yg ade tadi yg sesame celebrate n enjoy2 bersame...korang mmg sporting and the best....!! DAEBAK ar korang nie sayang gilerr kt korang..!! terutame pade SALLY, IERA and K. ZATIL yg bertungkus lumus utk menyiapkan "KOTAK MISTERI" tuh korang bertiga mmg STAIL

So kat sini aku ade sediakan beberape gambar yg sempat di snap.....!!


Feeling Weird.....

waahh my body start feeling weird...dunno why...huh...maybe a cold??? maybe not....dunno why..sumthin missing..maybe sumone.....

Within you I lose myself...Without you I find myself, Wanting to be lost again.

Please someone save me from this disease...!!

Bangun Awal

Hehehe akhirnyer siap gak sket...pe yg aku nk tulis dari 2-3 ari lepas...tapi maklumlar...baru stat kelas...so takde mase..hohoho..!! btw memandangkan aku bangon awl arini...kol 6.30 pg kowt....pdhal kelas kol 11....roomate aku pn tgh berdengkur lagi hahaha..!!

Hehehe...post ni sesaje je sbnrnyer nak gi taw arini aku bangon awl hahaha..!!

btw tu je nk gi taw...!! tgk ar kalo rajen lepas kelas karang kol 5 aku tulis lagi....!!

p/s: hope dpt jmpe n tengok lagi dye walawpn hanye dari jaoh hehehe..!! ^_^ bler lar keberanian nk dtg nie...atoooi!!


Happy Birthday To Mee..!!!

saengil chukha hamnida...saengil chukha hamnida...to me...heeeeeeee da 20 da pown...tak sangke..kejap je mase berlalu....

btw aku nk ucapkan thanks pade semua yang ingat n wish birthday aku especially first family then kongsi 59 + 23 yang sanggup membuang mase n duit celebrate birthday aku tepat 12 malam smlm....

thx pade syuk, lan, roy, dm, aniq, hafiz, azri, mie, ajue, feez n farah sbb sanggop buat event smalam dgn tingkah laku roy yg sangat meragukan....tak sangke diorang celebrate...sbb sblm ni seumur hidop aku...aku tak pena sambot camtuh skali sbb aku tak suke nk membazirkan mase member2 aku yg banyak keje...berkumpul membazir duit hanye utk celebrate birthday aku....cukup lar skadar wish...but happy giler smlam walawpn byk mende dlm otak aku yg memeningkan dan merisaukan kaple....

tmbah plak ader yg buat gile gi kecoh time kelas smalam...tak pasal2 aku nk nanges dibuatnye biler diorang sing the song....T_T

BTW thx ek sape yg wish...hope da cecah 20+ ni aku akan lebey matang utk jadi lebey bergune...!! ^_^


Overnight D'Putra+Cyber Jaya

Hmm pas abes je orentasi sabtu petang tuh....kitorang geng2 oc plan tuk overnight kat putra+cyber jaya...haha

so kat sini aku nk post lar gambar2 yg dpt di snap....actually gambar2 yg ade nie just suku je...sbb kebykkan nyer amek kat kemere laen....nnt aku upload lagi...yg ade ni pown just yg ade dlm hp aku jer...!!


Rare Experience...(OC)

Hmmm rasenye da lame kowt aku tak update blog ni....last pown time sebelum aku gi kursus kempimpinan pelajar bg menyiapkan diri utk menjadi seorang Orientation Committee (OC) yg aku guide dak2 baru yg baru masok kolej aku.

Actually this is my first time join OC ni so kire aku junior ar sini...org pn tak beberape kenal sgt....



Hehe pejam celik pejam celik, dah kembali ke Beranang hehehe...hampir sebulan da b'lalu aku cuti2 kat tanah air aku sendiri...rase cam sekejap gile...nk taw sbb ape?? of coz lar sbb byk gile aktiviti di lakukan....mcm gi holiday pn ade walawpn tmpatnye kat Kuantan jer hehe..Antare aktivity2 yg biase dilakukan adlh...first futsal, karaoke, lepak2, tgk wayang, futsal, karaoke, futsal, karaoke, jalan2 hahaha tu je lar aktiviti aku sepanjang kat kuantan byk spent time mase ngan member2 haha (family pn ade gak okayh), Yang paling bestnyer pada hari aku smpai Kuantan first2..member aku (mamak) amek then antar barang kat rumah...then tros kluar hahaha maghrib baru balek...and dah balek malam tu futsal tros...best kan??? hahaha..!!

So kat sini aku nk story special2 event yg happen during semester break ni hahaha dari first smpai lar akhir....


Malas Award Achieve..!!!

Yehaa now im going through wat we call malas / lazy state not avatar state...but lazy state haha..!! and i lovin it...
sleep...eat...kdrama...k variety show...on9..movies...futsal...lepakin...watchin world cup...cafe world..mafia world..yea2..!! everyday...same day...happy day hahaha..!!

Till then hahaha..!! annyeong..!!

[Delayed] Last Moment With Chiko...

Sob2....after Chichi (caused : murdered by stupid cat)...now its time for Chiko leavin us...Kongsi 59 family...
Actually the cause not same with Chichi but we Kongsi 59 family had to gave Chiko away to someone else ( 1 of "23 Family" members) because of some difficulties...

Here some picture Me with Chiko...!!


[Delayed] BBQ Event

Here just wanna show u guys some pixcha..not much but still okay lar to show our Kongsi 59
BBQ partay (in rain) in assignment month hahaha..!!

Me n Roy hahaha turn your head 90degree to the left haha

Hapis n Aniq during membakaring ayam perciking..!! haha

Till then....Annyeong..!!

[Delayed] BFF During Assignment Month...

Annyeong!! long time since last time i post sumthin here, very busy lately with all the activities together with friends and family...mostly frends?? haha....

Actually i've been makin many post but never had a chance to post it up here so, rite noe i'll take the chance to post it up...by the way back to the topic...

ya2 here i wanna show u all who are my bestfriend forever when assignment disaster comes....


Flight Delayed / Flight Tunda....

Dammit my flight has been delayed because of this fuckin REDO thinging...stupid assignment....

This semester was fuckin hell because all student which is same course and batch with me were just like lab rat with all this changing of course thingin...it just gave us one hell of a headache....

Please i wanna go home...!!!


Just like what i promised before....this post will be "post" rite after the fuckin vb
assignment is done haha although the estimate time quite 'lari' but still able to finish it up roughly around 12am just now... so now i can get some gudnite sleep bcoz no more assignment for me "rite now?" haha

actually i'm quite worry bout PC assignment because the word "repaired" can still be heard....if and only if there no need for me to repair..1 word will come out...DAEBAKKKK!! but if yes....you guys think by yourself (lu pikir lar sendiri)

Target = 2 Days

The clock rite know show exactly 4.41AM which mean that its been 2 days since i had a goodnight sleep....in this 2 days i just sleep only for 3 hours and this mean that until now, i have been awake for about 45 hours without proper rest... and still have long way to go for this fuckin assignment(VB) to finish.... right now my target is to submit this fuckin assignment today (Thursday) which is before the deadline comes (Friday)...please GOD help me so that i have the strength to finish this fuckin things today before tomorrow comes....

Gonna continue back on my assignment...i'll update this fuckin blog when the assignment done...!! wish me luck guys...!! whatever happen....always remember in mind that do anything with DAEBAK as stimulant??? hahaha
~dah tak betol since tak cukop tido~

Muhasabah Diri/Self Reflection

Sorry to the readers, i just write this post in malay...easier for me to story mory...haha..!! k back to the topic...ehem....

baru smalam dkejotkan ngan berita meninggalnye salah seorang member sekolej aku iaitu ili amir farhan or name panggilan paan....walaupun in reality dlo time dye still belajar kat kolej aku....aku ngan dye tak berape rapat n tak slalo communicate, but in cyberworld or facebook dye slalo like...comment photo n status aku ngan stail tersendiri nk gelak pn ade tgk comment dye...aku igt lagi pagi smlam dye letak status "penat berjogging" then bile mlm aku baru dpt taw yg dye meninggal...tu pn dari facebook...sebak pn ade...bile bace balik kat facebook dye...ramai yg kate sblm dye meninggal dye cm byk bagi hint....aku x taw lar secare kebetulan or what...but boley nmpak sndiri ngan status and comment yg dye bagi.....~+

aku paling sedeyh tgk wall post yg "BRO" post kat arwah paan pnye facebook...sbb yang aku taw diorang mmg bestie lar diorang mmg slalo kontek ikot fb mmg aku respek diorang pnye friendship....tapi wat to do...mmg lumrah...mane yg hidup lame2 akan kembali gak...cme tak taw bile...just be ready...yg buat aku tersentapnyer..... in 2 month time 2 org member aku meninggal...tu yang sedeyh...membuatkan aku terfikir...bile2 mase je DIA boleh panggil aku tak kire mude atau tue... hmmmm so aku da tanak ckp pape...sbb bak kate org yg pergi tu pergi lah...tak elok nak bersedih lame2... but papehal aku nk ucap takziah pada keluarge paan and sopi....... pape pn alfatihah buat arwah paan and sopi...moge roh korang berdua tenang di"sane"...amiiinnn..!!

For Those out there born in 90th read this!!

for those who born in 90th just read this thing...gonna be sure u will remember the old times..!!

budak2 yg lahir pd thn 90an mesti ingat
mase skola rendah dulu:

- kat skola ade salesman jual buku
ari ni bg list, esok mintak duit
beli walaupun cerita buku tu dah tau.

salesman susu pon camtu gak.

- kat library, budak2 mmg baca buku tp
just tengok gamba je.
bile ade program
Nilam, sebok semua nak pinjam buku.

- RMT kat skola mkn x best, tp yg
berduit pon join RMT, x phm....

- pakai pensel box yg bole bukak dpn
blkg, pastu ade sharpener kat tgh2 die.

- main lwn pemadam, syg nak guna utk
padahal itu fungsi sbnr, utk padam!

- pakai pembaris yg bergerigi, kat dlm
ade air pastu ade bende berkilat dlm air tu.

- cikgu pakai pembaris kuning pjg.
pemegang kat tgh2 tp x penah nmpk cikgu
pgg pon kat situ.

- bulu ayam jd ramping krn sering
dijadikan rotan.

- time pendidikan seni, lukis sume boleh
tp bile time kaler sume hampeh.
ade gak
buat anyaman pakai kertas warna, kolaj
la, ape la...

- main game 2D.
super contra, super
mario, street fighter, sume pakai tape.

- jam tgn Boy London jd idaman, sbb bole
tuka2 kaler ikut suhu n cuaca.

- takut BCG tp lepas inject poyo la pulak...

- balik skola beli JoJo xpon Dendang.

Tora pon best gak.
Beli se mata2 nak
mainan, coklat die x mkn pon.

- Kasut berlampu kat tapak, yg iklan die
kat tV bole tembak alien tu...

- Siri kartun; power rangers, ultraman,
transformers, ninja turtles,
Thundercats, maskman, Gaban dan mcm lg.

jgn lupe sume ni sbb zaman skrg budak2 x
smpt lyn bende2 ni.
kite akan sentiasa
berubah, cume asal-usul kite yg

ni la baru zaman kita kawan2

yea..is it nice to remind back the old times hehehe!!

Release Ur Tension Effectively!!

Yea here i want to introduce to all of you who have been stress lately due to final exam or super duper assignment...The way is to play this what they called...BUBOLE. Want to know what is BUBOLE? it is actually an online fighting game which didn't need to installed or what so ever, just visit http://www.bubole.pl and there you go...BUBOLE!!!

Here i would like to provide a sneak a peak on how to play BUBOLE!!

That rite there is the main page of BUBOLE "Destroy Other Monsters"
As you can see there is 4 menu "Create New Bubol", "Gallery", "Sign In" and "Squash Bug"
First just click "Sign In"
There you go sign in page then enter your email, password and confirm password..
After that click OK
After you have sign up, just click the Create New Bubol which is the start of your new BUBOL adventure!!
As you can see picture above is BUBOL creating screen which you can customize your BUBOL from head to toe!! Nice isn't?? fucking nice with a lot of combination you can make.
Then just click SAVE
There you have it, new BUBOL has been created and the picture above will be your main screen with your BUBOL hangin out at the middle of it trying their best to be in their best pose.
There you have many menu you can pick...you can see it yourselves...(to lazy to list them all)
This is the example on how the fight goes on, you just nid to hit your SPACEBAR repeatedly and quickly to land a big hit on your opponent..you can also defend yourself by holding left arrow button...the best part is the way that you BUBOL hit the opponent and the effect of the hit..which consist of many sound effect with text (dunno how to explain) here i just provide you with practice mode screen and if you want to challenge others just check out at the bottom left of the BUBOL screen..you can see other people BUBOL which you can challenge them by click on their BUBOL then just wait for you challenge to be accepted!!

This right here is when you beat your opponent...you will win if the opponent health bar finish first before yours and their BUBOL head will automatically gone with the blood effect coming out from the neck....
They also provide you with squashing bug game which you can add you point by squashing all the bugs that came out from the frame right there...They also provide you with special screen saver that will allow you to squash some bug whenever you screen saver pop out...

So that are sneak a peak on how to BUBOL yourself...if you feel stress out that make you want to hit someone...stop right there!! just go to this link http://www.bubole.pl and just BUBOL yourself and dominate their Top Player Chart!!!

So please try this at home...and enjoy it...!!


I Don't Care what Other's Think

Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.


Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.

Gentlemen Start Saving Your Money..!!!

From research that i made on many Malaysian Sone's sites....estimation for SNSD concert (rockpitt) price would be around RM400~RM500....damn what a big number rite there....!! and for backstage pass the price that they estimate is around RM600 and above...another hell number rite there... but can you imagine what its like to have backstage pass..!! hell yah!! face to face with the girls!!!

So for me because of my current financial problem....i would just go for rockpitt only....!! and if anybody would kindly lend me some money....maybe backstage pass would not be just a dream...but reality!! yeahhh!!!

So from now on i'll starts saving my money because from some source said that SNSD would not come this year because of their busy schedule...so maybe next year for malaysian...dammit ~sad~

Hopefully RedStar will successfully organize a SNSD concert in Malaysia if not this year...next year also can....Let's all pray Malaysian Sone's!!!!

Grrrr still waiting..!!! ~giggles....giggles~

PinK OceaN!!

i Just found this picture here from RedStar photo album...damn...what unbelievable view where peoples start to hold pink glow stick at SNSD concert form something like pink ocean..!!!

so damn nice view rite there...wish i was one of them..!!! arghh!!


Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
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