Bits by Bits will change to Mountain??

For this couple of week i have been thinking the same thing again and again and again (2pm again and again) and suddenly yesterday randomly i ask my housemate..the conversation goes like this..

me: weyh azri stail doe aku tengok concert SNSD kat shanghai ni...kalau lar dye perform kat cni..mesti bestkan?? aku mmg nk pegi ar....!!!! (nada excited) ko nak gi skali x??

azri: haha mmg pergi lar crita dia...!!!

me: yehaaaa (bertambah excited) akhirnyer ade gak org akan follow aku gi concert dye...btw aku da stat da kumpul duit elaun...!! (eyes sparkling)

azri: haha jom kumpul duit...sebulan 50 pn jadi ar...

me: yeahh mmg amek seat dpn skali ar..!!! eh syuk ko tanak pegi ker??

syuk: haha takde hal lar...jom!!!

me: yeeeesss akhirnyer mende yang aku pikirkan slame ni terjawab....ader gak geng..!!! (eyes sparkling)

*the dialog just now..not really accurate but it goes something like that....

btw after hearing that..kinda relief because i know someone will tag along with me to the concert...!!! gonna start saving rite from now..!!! Fighting..!!!!!

Right now its....So Nyeo Shi Dae!!!


We shall find peace. We shall hear angels. We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.

After many things happen lately....FINALLY i can found peace in my mind...hope this will be the sign to good things..!! giggles~~giggles~~

-The View-

Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.

Feeling Chillin..!!

(Greatest Treasure)

Annyeong!!! guess wat guys...i just got my SNSD Run Devil Run Poster i mean..my first SNSD poster..!! this is the beginning of being one true SNSD fan yeahh..!! BLACK SOSHI photo will accompany me every nite before sleepin hehehe~

(my space..!!)

Actually what you see up there is wat i call my only space....and my "arwah" laptop...now with the new laptop (borrow) and with the new poster...i'll start my new life again..!!

Till then....gonna stare at the poster till sleepin....*giggle*...*giggle*!! heeeeeeeeeeee~


When we truly realize that we are all alone is when we need others the most.


Copy Cats??!!!

Hey here am i again...writin in the early morning i think...so long after been hidin ma self...many probs comes up like stolen laptop...hell lot of assignment..and so on...so just like the title rite there...here some pictureSo what do ya think about da picture...it just a cat with printer+photostat+scanner?? watever lar..it juz the picture trying to tell you that "im copy cat!!!" yea thats rite picture your rite.. you guys of coz noe wat is it wat we call copy cats rite?? not a cats that copy itself using that device over there, the phrase means that like a person trying to be like you i mean "be like you" "like wat you like" "do wat you do" "interest in wat you interest" something like that...some of you might think that this is a good thing, because this will show that you are famous and interesting enough that people like to follow you...

But hell you guys wrong...it damn annoying and hell irritating!!! Do you want to know why?? try thinkin how would you feel when this wat we call "cat"..."always interest in wat you interest even though before this they even bother bout it"," like wat you like", "dress like you"," when you friend with someone that they didn't ever know before then in the next day...BOOM! they just like bestfriend and trying to gain more than yourself", "copy the way you talk",copy the way you behave"....duh..!! don't you guys feel this kinda things a bit irritating i mean hell annoying....!! its feel like this kinda people is just like "an enemy under blanket"(musuh dalam selimut)...like anytime will copy then compete with you and BOOM rite there...feeling annoying again...just copying is kinda ok with me...but when copying+compete...wat da hell is that...please...thats so annoying lar boy....come one don't you have any personalities?? before this wat i know when i just met you before..you just like from another century...with your own interest...it not that i "kutuk" your own interest but for me hell yah do lah wat you like..i didn't even care...even if you try to pull others like me and my friends into your interest and even you yourself "kutuk" wat im interest in...wat da..firstly i don't care e e e e e...about ur interest...didn't like to like it..please don't bring other's because if they follow hell that's boring and please lar you just "kutuk" me like this and that...now who's talkin...following me around what im doin...really annoying lar...BABO!! BAKAYARO!!..

Lastly from me...please lar Boy Get Your Own Life Stop Being Someone Else..go being your boring self back if you want to compete with me whos the best..i didn't like competin...!!!

Jumlah Kerugian..!!

Hmm...i think you all know the purpose of this topic is rite??

so here randomly i want to list all the things that i lost after these freakin accident (laptop stolen):

  1. Of coz my precious laptop (gift from my mom as i goes into da college)
  2. Assignment from semester 1 - 4(now)
  3. My Picture (past - present)
  4. Collection Picture ( too much)
  5. Mp3(malay-english-korean-japan-bla bla bla)
  6. Home Made Video(from ma past - present)
  7. Music Video (malay-english-korean-japan-bla bla bla)
  8. Variety Shows (Invincible Youth, Cinderella Man, Strong Heart, Hello Baby Shinee & SNSD, Star Golden Bell, Come To Play, Intimate Note, Horror Movie Factory And many more)
  9. Guitar Chords
  10. Personal Keep (reminder and all sort of things)
  11. Bookmarks (in the Internet Browser which are important)
So there they are...the things that i lost, you maybe be thinking that from the list right there, only minor things have lost...but for me by adding these number
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = Memory+Life..

Shock??? haha that's the truth, for me lost a laptop is like lost my soul because human without a memory and life is just like a body without a soul. For me i would rather lost my bike or other things than my laptop n plus my handphone (not that i ask for it just want to show how important is both of the things). For me my laptop = brain and heart and my handphone = heart, mouth and ear....so here its like i lost my brain and heart....DAMMIT..!! this is the biggest obstacle that GOD send to me!!!

i'm half crazy rite now...luckily i got my understanding sister....my frends..!! who can comfort me during my half dead crisis...!!

so here i am rite now...writing this post...using my dad laptop...i think i gonna use this laptop for awhile...while waiting for ma new laptop (if dapat lar) if not redha je and if terpakse...next semester i will bring my desktop for own good.!!! here am i again..trying to start over my life again...from zero...from a blank piece of paper...try to write and draw new picture on the paper so that in future i'll have better life...!!

Anyone can carry his burden, however hard, until nightfall. Anyone can do his work, however hard, for one day. Anyone can live sweetly, patiently, lovingly, purely, till the sun goes down. And this is all life really means

BuGiMak!!!!! Kaw PenCuRik!!!

MOther father punyer lahanat...brani ko curik lappy akuh!!!!

lappy kesayangan aku ko curik...fuck giler ko..!!! ke neraka jahanam lar tempat ko fucker...!!!!

ko da curik life aku...ko da rampas life aku.....siryesly aku sanggop bunoh ko rather than bagi ko kat polis...!!!

kelengkapan kat rumah sme cukop utk seksa ko....!!!

ke neraka lar ko motherfucker..!!!
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