Troll...What is it actually???

Dear Blog....

Ok enough with the emotional post haha naek benci gak nanti if pengunjung blog ni bace....hari-hari pasal emosi je.... so back to the topic, today i would like to give you guys some information about what is troll.

For those who didn't have any idea about the TROLL that im gonna be talkin about here you would imagine of this TROLL rite?

You are totally wrong if you have that picture in your head because im not talkin about that TROLL but im gonna talk about this kind of TROLL this guy down here...



Let The Picture Tells You Everything

The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.

Dah Bosan.....Bored!!!!

Hmm Dear Blog.....

Sori banyak2 sebab da lame gile...i mean mmg lame gileee tak update....MALAS satu...BUSY satu...dan memacam lagi ar hihi so kat sini aku nak lepaskan rindu aku kat ko wahai blog.....

Actually sebabnye aku post kali ni aku nak gi taw kat ko yang sekarang nie aku tetibe dah jadi depress gile and kali nie problem yg aku hadapi memang aku tak taw lar nak story kat sape lagi...sebab aku rase problem aku kali ni takde orang akan paham...so aku amek keputusan nak cite lar kat ko wahai LABI LABI.....so This how things goes.....

Hmm its first start with this girl that i've known not too long ago....i start get to know her after some event that we both participated....and after that event we have been contacting each other since then...i don't know but since then my heart start to open for her even though i know that she will never be mine but...i don't know, this heart just tell me to don't give up..try and try....even my friend told me that i should at least try it because before this he know that i'm the type of person that easily give up on things that i know from the beginning it could never happen. Because of that, i gather up my courage and took the challenge and this is the result....nothing happen and at the end i'm the only one who is still all alone because she decide to draw a line between us...so that nothing bad will happen in the future in her life (i'll not say what it is  ^_^)..

So after she decided to draw a line between us, i've been thinking hardly how come this sort of things always happen to me, if i recalled back on my past, this kind of things actually quite similar because its all start with i've been a good listener (thats what people called me haha DUHHH~) which means that it start with listening to others problem, give advices, try comforting them, bare when being scold by them so that they can relieve their tension and many more lar. And after that i started to liking them without even thinking...i don't know....it just become a habit to me hahaha just kidding but this is me...actually this is the 3rd one happen to me and the ending is likely the same....its always me who in the end got nothing....s

So after thinking for several time hardly....i mean HARDLY!!! i have decided that i will slowly change from a good listener to a person good at ignoring others haha..it is so that i will not ever again face this kind of situation ever again....i'm done here....DONE!!!

So sampai sini je luahan rase aku yang tak seberapa ni kepade anda encik LABI-LABI sorry again for not updating you fer a long long time hehehe i try to change myself to be better..!!!



Assignment Lagi....

Hmmm Dear Blog....today i decided to post something that i think dah banyak kali da berjaye masok carta topik blog aku ni....actually on last friday was the deadline for Project Management assignment which is i think a FA assignment!! apakah maksud FA??? not Football Association but Fuck Ass hahaha.

By the way bukan lar assignment tu yang nak dikate susah gile "babs B" tapi the lecturer which is to strict with the needs to meet the grading....and this thing aku da agak will happen because time sem 2 aritu aku da kene da....ader gak dekat 20kali repair....then result cap ayam gak aduyai..!!!

Not just that, dengan assignment Project Management ni aku dapat lihat bermacam-macam kerenah manusia yang ade....tapi paling "cibai" skali adalah perangai kedekot....perghhh mende nie aku da kene da actually dengan sorang student nie and budak2 yang lain pn sme da taw yang perangai dye camney but what to do right....kite dapat tengok ramai budak camni especially kalo dye bijak...memang slalo lar.....

So in the end aku hope sem nie aku and the geng can manage these things wisely so that we can maintain our CGPA again this semester....and aku kat sini nak gi taw ar....aku tak kutok mane2 individu or lecturer but this is just my opinion and what i think about things....its not a bad things right???

Till then...wish me luck ^^

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