Troll...What is it actually???

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Ok enough with the emotional post haha naek benci gak nanti if pengunjung blog ni bace....hari-hari pasal emosi je.... so back to the topic, today i would like to give you guys some information about what is troll.

For those who didn't have any idea about the TROLL that im gonna be talkin about here you would imagine of this TROLL rite?

You are totally wrong if you have that picture in your head because im not talkin about that TROLL but im gonna talk about this kind of TROLL this guy down here...


Ok2 i know you guys probably been thinkin what tha fuck is that!! Ok first before i start explaining what the hell is that first i will tell you what is TROLL.

According to WIKIPEDIA "a TROLL is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." So to sum it up, TROLL is someone who posting hateful comment on social networking website such as facebook, forum, youtube and etc.

Absolutely NO!, because this kind of people actually only having fun on teasing, bullying, annoying, etc... their target in other word they do this for fun but thats only for beginners TROLL'ER not for professional TROLL'ER

Hmm like i say they do it just for fun by attacking (not hacking or sewaktu dengannye) people on the internet and the MAIN INTENTION of these TROLL'ER is none others....TO GET ATTENTION. Yeah attention!!! because when they post some hateful comment, they will expecting the target to reply them and get angry over it fer god sake!!!

First of all don't ever feed the troll! What i mean is that don't ever i mean ever respond to any comment or post that you already sense a TROLL post because by responding to them you actually feeding the troll.

Secondly. don't ever get angry with the TROLL and just keep your sense on humor because all the matter to the troll is that you lost your patient and start responding to them.

And Lastly try applying these technique to deal with the TROLL'ER:

1. Ignoring them
Because these TROLL'ER love when their target angry and by responding to their posts, you are obviously feeding the troll. So the only way is that ignoring them and when the time comes, they will slowly disappear

2. Compliment them
TROLL'ER will be taken off guard if you give them a simple compliment and the may even stop trolling you.

That's all the technique i know so far and its works for me everytime!!


  • Inform your friends about the troll so they don't respond.
  • Trolls LOVE attention and they love it when they see angry replies. SO "DON'T FEED THE TROLL"
  • If you announce you are leaving because of trolling, it will convince the trolls that they are winning.
  • Not to forget the picture above right there is the picture commonly being used by TROLL'ER... if you seeing this guy picture in the person profile picture or album, you can obviously define them as one of the TROLL'ER!!
Arguing with a troll can get you in trouble, and it doesn't make them leave any faster.

So now you know a little bit of what exactly TROLL is. So here i will provide you with some of the "COMMONLY USED WORD IN TROLL WORLD" (Don't know what exactly the correct word fer this)

  • Don't feed the troll = referring to not to respond to the TROLL because once you respond, you are feeding them.
  • The troll has been feed = means that the TROLL is winning because of their target respond to them either with or without angry comments.
  • Butthurt = This word usually being used by the TROLL'ER themselves to describe their target when the TROLL'ER start winning and the target start to feel FRUSTRATED, MAD or ANGRY.

AND some other word try to search it on the internet (to be honest this is the common phrase that i only know at the mean time tee heee~)

So here i want to post some of picture that relating with TROLL so that you guys will be aware of it....

process of trolling (denial)

Troll'er meet Troll'er

So thats the end of my post regarding TROLL, so wrap it up, in my opinion, for some reason i'm against these hateful act as it will lead to war between people because these TROLL'ER usually post hateful comment that relating with racism, disastrous that just happen, politics, sexism and many more sensitive issues that usually leads to misunderstanding and war for those who didn't know about what TROLL is and you guys have to know too that not all people are OPEN and can take JOKES or what so ever. So for me, i totally against this kind of act and in fact, many of my friend already actively being a TROLL'ER which i really hate it. kat sini aku harap korang dapat tahu serba sedikit pasal APA ITU TROLL! sebab gejala TROLL nie aku da nampak makin berleluase kat social networking terutama facebook. Walaupun gejale nie da ade lame da di oversea, tapi mende nie baru je masok kat Malaysia nie and ni membuatkan aku risau sebab mende nie baru lagi and tak semua org Malaysia kita tahu pasal ni and akan berlaku lar perbalahan, pergaduhan and so on which is sangat bahaye....So aku harap para pengguna internet sekalian...harap dengan sedikit information yang aku bagi nie dapat bantu korang deal ngan nie. Aku bagi information ni pown sebab aku da pena tengok member aku hampir nak bergaduh sebabkan TROLL ni and walaupun aku da taw pasal TROLL nie disebabkan member aku ni pegi TROLL member aku sorang lagi nie membuatkan aku nak pegi tumbuk je member aku yg TROLL member aku sorang lagi ni (paham tak ayat berbelit aku nie? haha)

Thats all till then...!!

p/s: cube kire braper banyak perkataan TROLL aku gune dalam post nie ^^
credits to: wikipedia and MY.MMOSITE

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