Flight Delayed / Flight Tunda....

Dammit my flight has been delayed because of this fuckin REDO thinging...stupid assignment....

This semester was fuckin hell because all student which is same course and batch with me were just like lab rat with all this changing of course thingin...it just gave us one hell of a headache....

Please i wanna go home...!!!


Just like what i promised before....this post will be "post" rite after the fuckin vb
assignment is done haha although the estimate time quite 'lari' but still able to finish it up roughly around 12am just now... so now i can get some gudnite sleep bcoz no more assignment for me "rite now?" haha

actually i'm quite worry bout PC assignment because the word "repaired" can still be heard....if and only if there no need for me to repair..1 word will come out...DAEBAKKKK!! but if yes....you guys think by yourself (lu pikir lar sendiri)

Target = 2 Days

The clock rite know show exactly 4.41AM which mean that its been 2 days since i had a goodnight sleep....in this 2 days i just sleep only for 3 hours and this mean that until now, i have been awake for about 45 hours without proper rest... and still have long way to go for this fuckin assignment(VB) to finish.... right now my target is to submit this fuckin assignment today (Thursday) which is before the deadline comes (Friday)...please GOD help me so that i have the strength to finish this fuckin things today before tomorrow comes....

Gonna continue back on my assignment...i'll update this fuckin blog when the assignment done...!! wish me luck guys...!! whatever happen....always remember in mind that do anything with DAEBAK as stimulant??? hahaha
~dah tak betol since tak cukop tido~

Muhasabah Diri/Self Reflection

Sorry to the readers, i just write this post in malay...easier for me to story mory...haha..!! k back to the topic...ehem....

baru smalam dkejotkan ngan berita meninggalnye salah seorang member sekolej aku iaitu ili amir farhan or name panggilan paan....walaupun in reality dlo time dye still belajar kat kolej aku....aku ngan dye tak berape rapat n tak slalo communicate, but in cyberworld or facebook dye slalo like...comment photo n status aku ngan stail tersendiri nk gelak pn ade tgk comment dye...aku igt lagi pagi smlam dye letak status "penat berjogging" then bile mlm aku baru dpt taw yg dye meninggal...tu pn dari facebook...sebak pn ade...bile bace balik kat facebook dye...ramai yg kate sblm dye meninggal dye cm byk bagi hint....aku x taw lar secare kebetulan or what...but boley nmpak sndiri ngan status and comment yg dye bagi.....~+

aku paling sedeyh tgk wall post yg "BRO" post kat arwah paan pnye facebook...sbb yang aku taw diorang mmg bestie lar diorang mmg slalo kontek ikot fb mmg aku respek diorang pnye friendship....tapi wat to do...mmg lumrah...mane yg hidup lame2 akan kembali gak...cme tak taw bile...just be ready...yg buat aku tersentapnyer..... in 2 month time 2 org member aku meninggal...tu yang sedeyh...membuatkan aku terfikir...bile2 mase je DIA boleh panggil aku tak kire mude atau tue... hmmmm so aku da tanak ckp pape...sbb bak kate org yg pergi tu pergi lah...tak elok nak bersedih lame2... but papehal aku nk ucap takziah pada keluarge paan and sopi....... pape pn alfatihah buat arwah paan and sopi...moge roh korang berdua tenang di"sane"...amiiinnn..!!

For Those out there born in 90th read this!!

for those who born in 90th just read this thing...gonna be sure u will remember the old times..!!

budak2 yg lahir pd thn 90an mesti ingat
mase skola rendah dulu:

- kat skola ade salesman jual buku
ari ni bg list, esok mintak duit
beli walaupun cerita buku tu dah tau.

salesman susu pon camtu gak.

- kat library, budak2 mmg baca buku tp
just tengok gamba je.
bile ade program
Nilam, sebok semua nak pinjam buku.

- RMT kat skola mkn x best, tp yg
berduit pon join RMT, x phm....

- pakai pensel box yg bole bukak dpn
blkg, pastu ade sharpener kat tgh2 die.

- main lwn pemadam, syg nak guna utk
padahal itu fungsi sbnr, utk padam!

- pakai pembaris yg bergerigi, kat dlm
ade air pastu ade bende berkilat dlm air tu.

- cikgu pakai pembaris kuning pjg.
pemegang kat tgh2 tp x penah nmpk cikgu
pgg pon kat situ.

- bulu ayam jd ramping krn sering
dijadikan rotan.

- time pendidikan seni, lukis sume boleh
tp bile time kaler sume hampeh.
ade gak
buat anyaman pakai kertas warna, kolaj
la, ape la...

- main game 2D.
super contra, super
mario, street fighter, sume pakai tape.

- jam tgn Boy London jd idaman, sbb bole
tuka2 kaler ikut suhu n cuaca.

- takut BCG tp lepas inject poyo la pulak...

- balik skola beli JoJo xpon Dendang.

Tora pon best gak.
Beli se mata2 nak
mainan, coklat die x mkn pon.

- Kasut berlampu kat tapak, yg iklan die
kat tV bole tembak alien tu...

- Siri kartun; power rangers, ultraman,
transformers, ninja turtles,
Thundercats, maskman, Gaban dan mcm lg.

jgn lupe sume ni sbb zaman skrg budak2 x
smpt lyn bende2 ni.
kite akan sentiasa
berubah, cume asal-usul kite yg

ni la baru zaman kita kawan2

yea..is it nice to remind back the old times hehehe!!

Release Ur Tension Effectively!!

Yea here i want to introduce to all of you who have been stress lately due to final exam or super duper assignment...The way is to play this what they called...BUBOLE. Want to know what is BUBOLE? it is actually an online fighting game which didn't need to installed or what so ever, just visit http://www.bubole.pl and there you go...BUBOLE!!!

Here i would like to provide a sneak a peak on how to play BUBOLE!!

That rite there is the main page of BUBOLE "Destroy Other Monsters"
As you can see there is 4 menu "Create New Bubol", "Gallery", "Sign In" and "Squash Bug"
First just click "Sign In"
There you go sign in page then enter your email, password and confirm password..
After that click OK
After you have sign up, just click the Create New Bubol which is the start of your new BUBOL adventure!!
As you can see picture above is BUBOL creating screen which you can customize your BUBOL from head to toe!! Nice isn't?? fucking nice with a lot of combination you can make.
Then just click SAVE
There you have it, new BUBOL has been created and the picture above will be your main screen with your BUBOL hangin out at the middle of it trying their best to be in their best pose.
There you have many menu you can pick...you can see it yourselves...(to lazy to list them all)
This is the example on how the fight goes on, you just nid to hit your SPACEBAR repeatedly and quickly to land a big hit on your opponent..you can also defend yourself by holding left arrow button...the best part is the way that you BUBOL hit the opponent and the effect of the hit..which consist of many sound effect with text (dunno how to explain) here i just provide you with practice mode screen and if you want to challenge others just check out at the bottom left of the BUBOL screen..you can see other people BUBOL which you can challenge them by click on their BUBOL then just wait for you challenge to be accepted!!

This right here is when you beat your opponent...you will win if the opponent health bar finish first before yours and their BUBOL head will automatically gone with the blood effect coming out from the neck....
They also provide you with squashing bug game which you can add you point by squashing all the bugs that came out from the frame right there...They also provide you with special screen saver that will allow you to squash some bug whenever you screen saver pop out...

So that are sneak a peak on how to BUBOL yourself...if you feel stress out that make you want to hit someone...stop right there!! just go to this link http://www.bubole.pl and just BUBOL yourself and dominate their Top Player Chart!!!

So please try this at home...and enjoy it...!!


I Don't Care what Other's Think

Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.


Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.

Gentlemen Start Saving Your Money..!!!

From research that i made on many Malaysian Sone's sites....estimation for SNSD concert (rockpitt) price would be around RM400~RM500....damn what a big number rite there....!! and for backstage pass the price that they estimate is around RM600 and above...another hell number rite there... but can you imagine what its like to have backstage pass..!! hell yah!! face to face with the girls!!!

So for me because of my current financial problem....i would just go for rockpitt only....!! and if anybody would kindly lend me some money....maybe backstage pass would not be just a dream...but reality!! yeahhh!!!

So from now on i'll starts saving my money because from some source said that SNSD would not come this year because of their busy schedule...so maybe next year for malaysian...dammit ~sad~

Hopefully RedStar will successfully organize a SNSD concert in Malaysia if not this year...next year also can....Let's all pray Malaysian Sone's!!!!

Grrrr still waiting..!!! ~giggles....giggles~

PinK OceaN!!

i Just found this picture here from RedStar photo album...damn...what unbelievable view where peoples start to hold pink glow stick at SNSD concert form something like pink ocean..!!!

so damn nice view rite there...wish i was one of them..!!! arghh!!


Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
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