Target = 2 Days

The clock rite know show exactly 4.41AM which mean that its been 2 days since i had a goodnight this 2 days i just sleep only for 3 hours and this mean that until now, i have been awake for about 45 hours without proper rest... and still have long way to go for this fuckin assignment(VB) to finish.... right now my target is to submit this fuckin assignment today (Thursday) which is before the deadline comes (Friday)...please GOD help me so that i have the strength to finish this fuckin things today before tomorrow comes....

Gonna continue back on my assignment...i'll update this fuckin blog when the assignment done...!! wish me luck guys...!! whatever happen....always remember in mind that do anything with DAEBAK as stimulant??? hahaha
~dah tak betol since tak cukop tido~

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