Gentlemen Start Saving Your Money..!!!

From research that i made on many Malaysian Sone's sites....estimation for SNSD concert (rockpitt) price would be around RM400~RM500....damn what a big number rite there....!! and for backstage pass the price that they estimate is around RM600 and above...another hell number rite there... but can you imagine what its like to have backstage pass..!! hell yah!! face to face with the girls!!!

So for me because of my current financial problem....i would just go for rockpitt only....!! and if anybody would kindly lend me some money....maybe backstage pass would not be just a dream...but reality!! yeahhh!!!

So from now on i'll starts saving my money because from some source said that SNSD would not come this year because of their busy maybe next year for malaysian...dammit ~sad~

Hopefully RedStar will successfully organize a SNSD concert in Malaysia if not this year also can....Let's all pray Malaysian Sone's!!!!

Grrrr still waiting..!!! ~giggles....giggles~

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