Release Ur Tension Effectively!!

Yea here i want to introduce to all of you who have been stress lately due to final exam or super duper assignment...The way is to play this what they called...BUBOLE. Want to know what is BUBOLE? it is actually an online fighting game which didn't need to installed or what so ever, just visit and there you go...BUBOLE!!!

Here i would like to provide a sneak a peak on how to play BUBOLE!!

That rite there is the main page of BUBOLE "Destroy Other Monsters"
As you can see there is 4 menu "Create New Bubol", "Gallery", "Sign In" and "Squash Bug"
First just click "Sign In"
There you go sign in page then enter your email, password and confirm password..
After that click OK
After you have sign up, just click the Create New Bubol which is the start of your new BUBOL adventure!!
As you can see picture above is BUBOL creating screen which you can customize your BUBOL from head to toe!! Nice isn't?? fucking nice with a lot of combination you can make.
Then just click SAVE
There you have it, new BUBOL has been created and the picture above will be your main screen with your BUBOL hangin out at the middle of it trying their best to be in their best pose.
There you have many menu you can can see it yourselves...(to lazy to list them all)
This is the example on how the fight goes on, you just nid to hit your SPACEBAR repeatedly and quickly to land a big hit on your can also defend yourself by holding left arrow button...the best part is the way that you BUBOL hit the opponent and the effect of the hit..which consist of many sound effect with text (dunno how to explain) here i just provide you with practice mode screen and if you want to challenge others just check out at the bottom left of the BUBOL can see other people BUBOL which you can challenge them by click on their BUBOL then just wait for you challenge to be accepted!!

This right here is when you beat your will win if the opponent health bar finish first before yours and their BUBOL head will automatically gone with the blood effect coming out from the neck....
They also provide you with squashing bug game which you can add you point by squashing all the bugs that came out from the frame right there...They also provide you with special screen saver that will allow you to squash some bug whenever you screen saver pop out...

So that are sneak a peak on how to BUBOL yourself...if you feel stress out that make you want to hit someone...stop right there!! just go to this link and just BUBOL yourself and dominate their Top Player Chart!!!

So please try this at home...and enjoy it...!!

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