Copy Cats??!!!

Hey here am i again...writin in the early morning i long after been hidin ma self...many probs comes up like stolen laptop...hell lot of assignment..and so just like the title rite some pictureSo what do ya think about da just a cat with printer+photostat+scanner?? watever juz the picture trying to tell you that "im copy cat!!!" yea thats rite picture your rite.. you guys of coz noe wat is it wat we call copy cats rite?? not a cats that copy itself using that device over there, the phrase means that like a person trying to be like you i mean "be like you" "like wat you like" "do wat you do" "interest in wat you interest" something like that...some of you might think that this is a good thing, because this will show that you are famous and interesting enough that people like to follow you...

But hell you guys damn annoying and hell irritating!!! Do you want to know why?? try thinkin how would you feel when this wat we call "cat"..."always interest in wat you interest even though before this they even bother bout it"," like wat you like", "dress like you"," when you friend with someone that they didn't ever know before then in the next day...BOOM! they just like bestfriend and trying to gain more than yourself", "copy the way you talk",copy the way you behave"....duh..!! don't you guys feel this kinda things a bit irritating i mean hell annoying....!! its feel like this kinda people is just like "an enemy under blanket"(musuh dalam selimut) anytime will copy then compete with you and BOOM rite there...feeling annoying again...just copying is kinda ok with me...but when copying+compete...wat da hell is that...please...thats so annoying lar boy....come one don't you have any personalities?? before this wat i know when i just met you just like from another century...with your own not that i "kutuk" your own interest but for me hell yah do lah wat you like..i didn't even care...even if you try to pull others like me and my friends into your interest and even you yourself "kutuk" wat im interest in...wat da..firstly i don't care e e e e e...about ur interest...didn't like to like it..please don't bring other's because if they follow hell that's boring and please lar you just "kutuk" me like this and who's talkin...following me around what im doin...really annoying lar...BABO!! BAKAYARO!!..

Lastly from me...please lar Boy Get Your Own Life Stop Being Someone Else..go being your boring self back if you want to compete with me whos the best..i didn't like competin...!!!

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