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Hmm jangan salah anggap...aku saje je nk post mende alah nie sbb da tgk ramai kowt yg aku amek keputusan nk same geli post gak mende ni hahaha..masok ni da lebey 10 orang da aku tgk amek survey nie...cambest je kan?? so here we go!!

Name : Muhamad Syarafuddin Hilmi Bin Ismail
Brother(S) : 1 Big Brother and 1 Big Sister
Eye colour : Dark Brown....^^
Shoe Size : erkk if UK 11 or if US 12 can ar like that?
Hair : Medium Short and Black!!
Piercing : No!!! haramm!!
Height : 189cm the last time i check...
What are you wearing right now : long sleeves t-shirt and shorts
Where do you live : Kuantan & Beranang The Bestest!!!!
Favorite Number : 3,6
Favorite Drink : Sprite, 7Up, Gatorade, Iced Blended, bla bla bla
Favorite month : July
Favorite Breakfast : Roti Canai wuu masyukk!!
Broken a bone : Nopeee
Been In a police Car : police car never but police truck hell yeah!!
Fallen for a friend : no but yea but no but yea but yes yes yes definitely yes!!
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : yea sumtimes....^^
Swam In the ocean : Hellyeah!! i like swimming!!
Fallen asleep In school : erkk habit for me??? haha~
Broken someone's Heart : ermm yeah long time ago (,")
Cried when someone died : hell yeah!!! innalillah!!
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : hmm also long time ago...(,")
Saved E-mails : waddahell??
Been cheated : erkk pena....kowt?
Your room look a like : nuclear bombing after effect!! haha~
What is right beside you : *new handphone, couple of external hardisk, mineral water, guitar and some snacks
What is the last thing you ate : roti canai+roti telur nyum3...!!
Who did you last yell : COKELAT!!! MAMOK!!!
Who was the last person you danced with : erkk me and myself ^^
Who last made you smile : Mamok, Cokelat, Amer, Hafiz and *her*
What are you listening to right now : CN Blue - LOVE
What did you do today : Live myself well, eating, sleeping, facebookin, surfing, hangin out, futsal, some online games, guling2, chatting
Are you the oldest : Nope....
Indoors or outdoors : Both babe
Talk to someone you like : nope kinda lonelying myself....
Kiss someone : haha kiss my ass!!
Sing : everytime baby!!!
Talk to an Ex : Hmm x contact plak 1-2 arineyh!! ^^
Miss someone? : Hell yeah...friends and her...T_T
Eat : hell yeah!!! roti canai, mee kari, nasi kukus....ect.
You talked on the phone to : Cokelat kejot utk gi KL
Made you cry : *her
You went to the mall with : Cokelat, Mamok, Amer...
Who cheered you up : Nobody..!! just variety show cheer me up!!
Been to Mexico? : wathaa?!!
Been to USA? : Wathaa?!!
Have a crush on someone : Yes!!!
What books are you reading right now : buku lima...nak kene??
Best feeling in the world : Being with her and be there by her side when needed (when being with friend)
Future kids name : Syaraf Jr?? haha baru market..!!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : hell No!!!
What's under your bed : oh god...don't let me started it...
Favourite sports : Futsal
Favorite place :  Seoul, Japan...Mekah...^^
Who do you really hate : liar, backstabber,stalker, weird friend, gedik2...eiii~
Do you have a job : hell yeah...full time lazy being..!!
What time is it now : 7:01AM semayang Subuh jom!!
With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My __ Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.

Ahh sesape je.... aite?? 

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