Oh god please...i just love that phone....and also the models...i just love them..
perfect combination between phone and models which i can describe it "charming and sexy"

If you guys still don't know the phone...it is called...
As you guys can see that this phone is a smartphone which is also fully touch screen
The most important things is that the shape of this phone is like a chocolate bars
Which bring out the sexiness not just the phone but also phone wielder themselves
If you guys watch its reviews at the internet you can see that why i like this phone sooosoomuch..!!
(of course one of the reason is the one who promote and also models for this phone is non others SNSD themselves)
So the bad news is that this phone is currently not available in my hometown (kuantan)
Not just this phone, but other LG phones
With the excuses given by all the seller that i asked
"Sorry lar dik LG kt sini susa nk jual...spare part takde"
"Errk sori dik kitorang bukan direct dealer for LG so ini je yang ade"
"Oh sori dik LG sini tak laku...nokia, se, samsung and CSL!!! je laku"

Oh god can you imagine what i fell like after hearing all this bullshit
And for your information, this excuses being used exactly the same between those seller
Can you imagine after i surveyed at 3 different MALLS (kuantan parade, megamall and ECM)
All the excuses is the same....waddahell...

What more irritating than the excuses is that this china or CSL brand of phone....
You can see that this phone is currently dominating the people in kuantan right now
Everywhere i go CSL, look right CSL, turn left CSL
Oh god CSL CSL CSL CSL takde handphone laen ke??
Its not that i didn't support our local product?
It's just that if you are looking for certain Handphone for example like in my situation which is LG
When you see a shop with LG mobile sticker being place all over the shop
What is the first thought came into your mind???
Of course it's sounded like this
"Oh mothafucka this shop surely got the phone that i want"
And suddenly when you arrive at the shop and you can see CSL phones are in the display glass
Only few branded phones being displayed among these CSL phones

Its not that i want to condemn this phone, it just that how it make the customer confuse
putting LG mobile sticker, then suddenly when you go in, the only phone they sell is the CSL one

and after this happen to you surely you will just want to throw some vulgar words to these shop/sellers
"Waddahell sticker laen jual laen ape hal"

What's more irritating is that when i ask, do you sell LG phone, and the salesman "slumber derk" je jawap
"erkk LG kitorang tak jual tapi handset CSL ni bagos ader 3G, bluetooth, bla bla bla bla blueberry"

!!!....Waddahell i hate it....!!!

Oh someone please sell me the



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i think Blackberry !
haha .

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