Dear blog....

As i write the post down there....i take this opportunity to write a post kinda related with her....as time goes by so many things i heard about you from my friends...its not the good things...but bad things about you...Its not like i ask them to stalk you or watever..but the new just came in rapidly...as you can see i trust my friends especially my housemate 59's of whatever they told me....but if it is about YOU i try not to believe it and if it true there must be a reason behind that....even though you can see that I'm overreacted about this although nothing happen between us ....but it doesn't bother me because...i dunno...ermm you manage to make me dream about you several times and give me some hope to begin new life so that i can forget the past....hmmm

That's all i wanna say in this post and i hope she read and know that this post and other 2 posts is about her.......annyeong..!!

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