MAKA day....again..!!

Hey guys...for sure if u'all yg baru visit my blog mesti terpikir and tertanye waddahell is MAKA day rite...but for whom that visited or maybe kipas susah mati blog aku ni akan taw waddahell is that because this is the second time i post something with the same title....btw for those whom didn't noe MAKA day actually iz "Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik" which in other word same like Dekan i think...

For u guys which is first time readin my blog...actually this is the second time i got to go to this event, btw thank GOD and oso my family and friend for this award...without you guys i cant be there last Thursday Night.... and for your info i got 4 to last time only 2...and the best thing is...of coz THE MONEY
4 award = RM90....YA for student of coz its like heaven or in other words "Collapse Durian" haha...tambah pulak time tu ngah it is a big amount for me ^_^

So thats all i wanna share with u provide u guys with some picture at that day.....ENJOY!!!

together with favourite lecturer Puan Lia

Peace Y'all

Oh god please no photography!!!


Sabotage Attempt: Success!!

V sign

2 minah..!!

With piqa ^_^ peacee!!

Pahang Brother..!! Geng Y Y Punk (yayasan pahang)

me and sis with our mentor..!!

Yeaaa this is it...!!!

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