I've learned that

I've learned that...
Fall is my favourite season,
Friends don't always have to get along,
Even important people take breaks,
And listening is definitely better than speaking.

I've learned that...
Life is short and death unthwartable,
Love is more than three words,
Chocolate chip cookies taste better as dough,
And you should never wait to tell someone why you love

I've learned that...
I'm not home yet - I'm just passing through,
Time is never as important as people,
Smiles can make your day,
And happy times can come hand in hand with sad ones.

I've learned that...
When you meet people,
you usually decide whether or not you like them soon
People are precious,
The greatest of these really is love,
And music is the greatest escape to anywhere.

I've learned that...
Getting up twenty minutes earlier,
gives you a better outlook on the day,
The color red can mean death and blood,
or love and hearts,
Forgiving someone is proof of your love,
And life holds many secrets.

I've learned that...
Some people are afraid to cry,
Relationships take work,
You really have to accept people as they are,
and try not to change them,
into what you think they should be,
And midnight laughter cleanses you.

I've learned that...
The stars shine brighter when there is no moon,
Everyone has something that makes their heart glad,
Art can bring you into a magical world nothing else can,
And imagination is a marvelous thing.

I've learned that...
Animals are a person's best friend,
not so much that they are ours,
but we are theirs,
Peace really can change the world,
Coincedences are actually ment to happen,
And love always trusts, always hopes.

I've learned that...
The right thing is not always clear,
both sides may believe they're right,
but there are not two right ways,
There is a time for everything,
Being challenged to grow is good,
And loving people is a gift.

I've learned that...
Looking people in the eyes is a way of showing respect,
I have a best friend,
Pears bruise easily,
And the world can be a cold, hard place.

I've learned that...
We don't know everything,
The guy sitting on the sidewalk has known pain,
probably more than some know in a lifetime,
Cameras are one of the greatest things invented,
And nature is love.

I've learned that...
When people are nervous,
they become someone other than themselves,
Work is necessary,
Sometimes life stinks,
And we all struggle - no one is as confident as he seems.

I've learned that...
College might not be what I imagine,
Sometimes you have to let people go,
Having fun with someone opens the door for friendship,
And everyone you meet has a life.

I've learned that...
Some people act older than they are,
Speech is a gift,
We usually take for granted the feelings of people,
we don't understand,
And little girls need to feel pretty.

I've learned that...
Books are like friends,
who share a little of themselves with you,
It's always better to give people the benefit of the doubt,
although most of us don't,
There's so much more inside people than we see,
And change is inevitable.

I've learned that...
Everyone looks for love,
Most people have the same feelings as me,
they just express them differently,
Everyone has faults,
And the best things in life are friends.

I've learned that...
Memories are a treasure you should never let go,
Everything looks different to everyone,
And what a person sees in you is sometimes,
different than what you think he's seeing.

I've learned that...
The best and most beautiful things,
cannot be seen or even touched,
they must be felt with the heart,
No matter how much you recieve,
you always hunger for more,
And we read to know that we are not alone.

I've learned that...
The art of being happy lies in the power,
of extracting happiness from common things,
Friendship multiplies the good in life,
and divides the evil,
And perfection is not attainable.

I've learned that...
Stillness is what creates love,
Movement is what creates life,
To be still and still moving,
This is everything.

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