YOU are the closest to me
Even YOU and i just know each other recently
I feel like YOU and i have known each other like a gazillion years
But recently i think me and YOU need to make our own ways...
I don't want to see YOU sad anymore
I think YOU need spend and understand him more
Not for me but for YOU and him
Lastly i hope i could see YOU and him at some wedding in the future together
That's my last request to YOU my bestie ^^

 YOU hi there
Really don't have the chance to have a conversation with YOU 
So i starts this with a little hi from me to YOU 
Actually i really want to say i adore YOU from the first time we met
YOU...i think this is what they call love at first sight...
But it seems that YOU didn't see me as how i see YOU 
So i make a decision to leave YOU alone
Then for some time...it is YOU again
YOU came near me...
But i know, me and YOU really didn't have much to say
Some say I'm just plain stupid and do YOU want to know why?
It is just because I'm just to shy whenever i meet YOU 
Sometime i try to approach YOU 
But it seems that YOU really not interested...
So once a again i decide to gave YOU up..
Even though everyone say I'm stupid, coward after i gave YOU up
But not everyone know how things goes on between me and YOU 
For me i know when to give up especially with YOU 
It is better for me to gave YOU up rather than keep annoying YOU 
I didn't have the strength be classed as Annoying especially from YOU 
That's how much i love YOU
"It is just like how in the fairytale that how the strong elephant got scared by the mouse.."
That how i feel when i try to approach YOU 
Do YOU know that even now when i meet YOU my heart feel like it stop beating
One thing i forget to tell YOU 
I hope in the future, YOU manage to overcome your problem
I know YOU are a strong girl
I know every girl have a second chance to correcting her mistake and that includes YOU 
I hope GOD will help YOU to solve this kind of thing and lead YOU back to the right PATH
If it is God's will, i will wake up once more to approach YOU
Before that time comes, i hope YOU can live happily
Don't YOU ever feel sad and make stupid decision...
Lastly, i hope i can be the one who YOU can depend with

Hye YOU!!!
I don't know how, but suddenly i want to write something about YOU
Hmmm i dont really have much things to say about YOU
Firstly i just want to say, YOU are the sweetest yet the cutest girl ever haha
Don't know why, but i started to liking YOU
  But what more i gotta say...YOU likes someone else
And really, i respect your feeling and yet i try to act as oppa to YOU 
Don't worry, i will help YOU with him 
And i'm just as happy as YOU when "him" is the topic 
So, lastly i just want to say hope YOU enjoy your life ^^  

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im her lover : ) said...

aku rasa akau knl ke-tiga2 YOU yg ko maksudkan 2.... hahahahahaha

Share^Rough said...

haha bagus kalo ko kenal ^^ style an an an

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