Seoul Trip (Part 1)

Hye guys....its been awhile since i post something here....sorry to keep u guys waitin....actually i really want to post and share my experience with you guys about how my 9 days trip to Seoul, Korea for holidays....but there are certain things that prevent me from posting them... mostly its because of im busy with my social, i got no time to post anything in my here i try to steal lil bit of time to post something enjoyed ^_^

Departure (Kuantan -KLIA)
From kuantan, we decide to take a flight to kuala lumpur and spend our night at our grandma house at TTDI before going to seoul....
ticket from kuantan to klia....MAS FTW

my sis and sir khairul...

upon arrival...we craving for Burger King (last meat we consume) yummy...

Departure -Arrival
(Departure: LCCT - Incheon International Aiport)
This is our journey began as we first take the Air Asia X to help us in our journey to Seoul and our departure time will be around 1.55pm GMT+8 and expect to arrive around 9.15pm GMT+8...

Before depart

Before Depart 2

(Arrival: Incheon Airport)
So...we arrive just like expected around 9.00pm you all know that during this trip...the season at that time was summer and i expect it will be much warmer than how it use to be in Malaysia...but upon landing the flight captain freely announce that current temperature at Incheon is around 18 degree......erkkk is it really summer?? so after arrive...some korean guy pick us up while holding a placard with my sister name and the hostel that we going to stay for 8 days which is located at Sinseol-dong....(sorry lar tak banyak gambar time arrival nie hehe)

a must picture (toilet at incheon airport)

The placard i told you about..

Checkin in

The hostel...

(Gangnam, (Yeolbong), Samseong (COEX Mall))
So for the first day...we decide to spend our time a lil bit K-Pop madness which is visiting Se7en chicken restaurant, yeolbong at Gangnam and then we are going to the infamous COEX Mall (COEX Aquarium n Kimchi Meseum)...So for the first day we brace ourselves by traveling by ourselves without our tour guide but we (actually only my sister and Chuck noona) are equip with knowledge, map and seoul subway here some picture of our journey that day...
This is where i stay for the whole week....

Lock n Load!!

The beauty of summer 1
The beauty of summer 2

Sinseol-dong station

cool ahjumma that helps us

Samseong Station

Gangnam Station

in front of building X

me with sulli and victoria <3<3

Smoothie King Auuuwww

Hall of fame 1

Hall of fame 2

gagaga Yoona!!!

Yoo In Na!!!

Famous pose when visitin this restaurant...that is Se7eN

1 and only Cider...taste like 7up

Interior of the restaurant

ohhh PSY!!!

Tree full of picture...Picture Tree Maybe??

The one and only COEX Mall

Amazed by this Ads...

Finally got to taste what jjajangmyun (black bean noodle) taste like

Finish mixing it up

Finally finish my lunch burrrppp~~

Beautiful isn't it??

Kim Soo Hyun and Eunjung <3

Coex Aquarium....(Running Man Ep 29)

Quite Pricy but worth it ^^

1, 2 , 3.....Smooch!!!

Art 1


Art 2

Art 3

Art 4

Song Ji Hyo!!

Art 5

Fish in bathtub

Fish in Refrigerator

Gary and Song Ji Hyo (Monday Couple)


Sea Dragon....

Seahorse <3

Art 6

Art 7


Song Ji Hyo!!

Baits for the shark...muahaha~

Ji Suk Jin (big nose hyung)







Somebody help me!!!


Haroro @ Roro

Mewt...waddahell is that..!!

Kimchi Museum!!

Click Click...!!

kimchi fermentation process

open ur mouth..aaaaa



Jar that contain some kind of Satan....

don't ask me wat r they doing...



8 kinds of kimchi for testing..!!



So thats all for day 1...i will continue it in other post in Bahasa Malaysia lar pulak hehehe~ till then....

To be continue.....


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