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Dear Blog...

I think its time for me to tell you guys about this one special girl that has come into my life recently...and if you guys read my previous post......YES!!! its one of them....!!! which one???? hehehe i give you a hint...."The Third One!!".....hahaha get it?? Ok just to give you guys a warning....this post will most probably be the ChhEeZiieStt post eva....
So get ready to explore into my love life  

Nor Bahiyah Bt Abu Bakar @ chacha
That girl up there is what I've been telling you guys just now and yes I've been in love with her this past 2 month and also in the future. Hmm for me when i'm with you  i didn't have to be someone else and you accept me for who i am. 

But what amuse me the most while i'm with always ask, "why do you love me?" and its true right that i always say "there is no reason for it" and every time i answered that you didn't like it...and you always ask what is the reason...and here i go with the reason why i love you

The reason is because:
  • You are beautiful
  • You are cute
  • You are attractive
  • You are understanding
  • You are caring
  • You are nice
You must be thinking why i put the slash at the word right there...i kinda hate that answer actually...what the future if it is God wills that we still be together...imagine if you are old and sick....n you just look terribly thin, pale, weak, not that attractive anymore...not like you used to be when you are younger...that's means that i have no reason to love you anymore....RIGHT?? so what i tried to tell you love for you doesn't need reasons....because i just love you and still love you no matter what HAPPEN!! just BELIEVE me okay?

So here i have something that i wanna tell you long time ago when i propose you for the first time....

These are the things that I'm lack off and i want to tell you:
  • Sorry that i don't have the looks that you can brag about to your friends and family
  • Sorry that i don't have cars so that i can bring you out without having you to experience the hot weather, the rain and the insecure feeling when riding the motorcycle
  • Sorry that I'm not rich enough like other people which they can buy anything that their girlfriend want.
  • Sorry that sometimes i bored you with all the question that i ask...
  • Sorry that i hurt you without recognize it...
But sayunk...even though i lack off in term of those things...these are the things that i only have:
  • Heart - that will always have you inside it and always you...
  • Hands - that will always help you when in need and protect you from any threat
  • Mouth - that will always advise you when you need it, this is where the Love word for you came out, laugh along with you, smile to you even though this is not the most beautiful smile that you have seen.
  • Shoulder - that you can lean on when you feeling mad or sad when something happen.
  • Hugs - that will accompany you when you are happy, sad or miss someone hehe
  • Ears - that will always hear your problem, nags, story and many things that you wish to tell me and this little fella is always been ready to hear from you!
  • Mind  - that will always having you in it...this is the things that always think whether, are you ok, have you eat already, are you sick, is there someone that disturb you lately and many things that related to you.
  • Eyes - that will always been set to you! even though you are in a crowd full of hot, sexy and beautiful CHICKS this eyes i can promise you will always fixed it gaze to you
  • Legs - that will always follow you...not along...but with you always by your side so that i can always protect you from any harm, be with you when you are lonely or hurt and also share my happiness with you or when you are.

Those are the things that i really wanna tell you when we first declare but don't have the chance to do so.....
I think i will stop right here writing things about you....and don't worry this story is just begin and will be continue in the future.

But all I've got to say that i hope WE can be together forever from couple maybe more than that if it is God wills...even though we still new and sometimes awkward when seeing each other, but i just wanna you to know that I LOVE YOU no matter what happen between us and YOU are 1 of my precious person  (of coz there are also my family) that i willingly to protect and to give all my love to....and i hope from the little fight and misunderstanding that we can teach us to be more tolerance and more understanding of each other.

Lastly hope all reader who willingly to follow my blog or always read what I've post here can pray for our happiness and hope that this can be the starts for our beautiful and lovely journey in having special relationship with each other.....

Greeting from us <3 pray fer our happiness :)


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